Always Check The Box

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by BuckJM53, August 4, 2013.

  1. BuckJM53


    I managed to find yet another way on Friday to increase my cost of ammo :p.

    When I stopped in at the local Walmart on Friday to pick up a couple of items, I stopped by the ammo cabinet and as had been the case for the past couple of weeks they had a decent supply of .45s, .40s and 9mm. I had the gentleman behind the counter ring up three 100 round bulk packs of WWB 9mm and went merrily on my way. When I got home later and went to put the ammo in my safe, I noticed that one of the boxes was "noticeably lighter" than the other two :eek:. After doing a quick count, I found that one box only contained 62 rounds :(. So off to Walmart I went to "resolve" the issue. With the no return/refund policy, I figured my best bet was getting an in store credit for the 38 missing rounds. After a couple of minutes of pleading my case to the department manager who quoted me the company policy of "all ammo sales being final" I asked to speak to the store manager. Fortunately the store manager was a reasonable human being, and realizing quickly that I would not go quietly :D, authorized a $10 gift card (I also politely suggested that they might be well served to check the remaining boxes of ammo and their security footage at the loading dock ;)).

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