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altering 22's part one

forrest r

October 18, 2011
Well I’ve been altering 22 ammo for awhile now. Anything from flattening the heads of the bullets with a file or nail when I was a kid to using commercial tools as an adult.

I bought a Paco Kelly tool years ago; this thing is literally a blast!!! I take it to the range with me & play around with it.
paco kit.jpg

The main shaft of the tool has 2 different sizes, the 3 ringed side is .223 & the 4 ringed side is .224. So when I alter bullets or just want to make sure that the bullets are round, this tool comes in handy.
paco toolbarrel.jpg

The kit comes with 3 different pins to alter the tips of the bullets, a hollow pointer, a scorpion nose (this thing is devastating on game) & a dish nose. From left to right: a resized bullet/plain head, a small hollow point, the scorpion nose, a small dish/swc, a large dish nose & a large dish nose hp.

These altered bullets allow me to make excellent hunting ammo & really put the smack on game at further distances than I’d normally shoot due to the extremely effective design for expansion with the soft lead 22 bullets.
The hp tool can make small holed hp to large holed hp. I normally don’t use that tool to much because of all the readily available hp ammo out there. But used in conjunction with a dish nosed bullet, it makes a real nasty hard hitting hp.
The scorpion nose design is devastating on whatever it hits. That bullet just shreds as it penetrates & basically implodes whatever it hits. I love to shoot crows with this bullet, it literally lifts them up a foot in the air then they explode throwing feathers everywhere.
The dish nose/nasty nose design is something else with its concave design. It just digs into whatever it hits just like a wc bullet does to paper. When I add a hp to the dish nosed bullet I end up with a wicked hard hitting varmint killer. When I first got the Paco Kelly tool I took it to the range with a pistol to play around with. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a groundhog at the far end of the range just eating away & watching me. I made up 1 of the nasty nosed hp’s & waited for it to stand up. It didn’t take long & I hit him right in the chest with that bullet. It was pretty slick to watch, everything was in slow motion. There was the pistol & a click of the trigger, then I could hear a slap when the bullet hit the groundhog & it fell straight back with its arms going straight out at the same time. It was only a 25yd shot but that groundhog was dead before he ever hit the ground. I’ve taken several more with this same bullet; it really thumps whatever it hits.


Site Owner
October 7, 2011
Very nice write up forrest I never knew such a device existed.

I made it a sticky. :)

Jeff H

October 19, 2011
That was on my list to buy before recent career change.
Until I save up enough to get one, I have to continue to use my jig to saw the noses off several at a time on the table saw.
I know, it sounds nuts, but it works and the rims are well-protected.

Thanks for sharing that one, forrest r.