AK47 Parts Kit & Party to help build

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  1. Hi Guys, I've perused the forums a bit-posted a few times and thanks in part to y'all and a gentleman from NY I purchased my First Rifle, a Ruger Tactical .22LR, I'm satisfied with it but being used to an M16-A2 I am hungry for more stopping power and I've decided that I'd like to build an AK47-I found parts kits everywhere ranging from $89-$589 lol-I don't know what the average price of a parts kit is so my first question is:

    1) Can someone show me a reputable place to get a parts kit that is not paying for overhead (or much overhead), will do the job of shooting 100 rounds without constantly jamming.

    My Second Question:

    2) I've never assembled or done work to get these suckers together-but I'm completely into this-I'm looking to see if there is someone out there upon my purchase that would sit down and help me get this thing built. I saw something on YouTube (while googling this) about a parts party-do they have these around Ohio?
  2. A 'parts party', sounds interesting. A get-together/meet'n'greet and bring your gun tools.
    I don't know anything about AK47s', so I can't help in that regard.
    You're used to the M16,but you're disregarding the AR15 because of the 'jamming' aspect ?
    I've reloaded the 7.62x39 for the Ruger Mini-30 I had, never had a problem with it.
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  3. Hi Sorry for not explaining well enough; I'm not disregarding it-in fact throughout all my dealings with the M16 I've only had a few misfeeds and that was caused by the magazine cartridge being junk. I want an AK47-not a AR-15, but I'm not building a rifle to start a revolution with, I just want to fire tons of rounds through it-clean it up and do it again. I know some parts makers are just junk so I want to be wise and get the advise of someone that owns an AK47 or has had dealings with them.

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