AK compatible Surefire X300 mount

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by Olmsted Risk Solutions, May 16, 2014.

  1. Looking for an offset mount that can mount on an UltiMAK top rail and hold a Surefire X300 off to the side of the front sight. Any suggestions? The Haley Strategic Partners mount obscures the front sight.

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  2. Hmmm, that's a tough one for me as I am not an AK person BUT I want to be though. :)

    I will have to try and research that and see what I can come up with.
  3. I never thought of myself as an AK guy until I couldn't buy 5.56 ammo during the most recent shortage--I saw a case of 7.62 for sale so I bought that...and of course I needed a gun to shoot the ammo so I picked up my first AK. I'm quite the fan now.

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  4. I need to start doing that as well just start getting the ammo while I still can and then buy the rifle. My only problem is I do not know enough about the various quality of the build out there or what to honestly look for in a quality build. I know there are some real crap one out there and the Russian ones are the cream of the crop but very hard to find at a reasonable price even if you can find them.
  5. I impulse bought a WASR and sent it off to Rifle Dynamics for some fine tuning.

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  6. Will have to do some searching on that. I've heard that there is some tuning that needs to be done to some of the AK's out there. I know they are kinda sloppy in there design but that's also the reason they are so damned reliable too.
  7. I've heard nothing but good about Kalinka mounts. This is the one I'm looking at. It mounts on the side like a standard soviet scope mount, and sits low over the dust cover providing a better cheek weld:

    There are a few things one can do to make an AK more accurate, but keep in mind that it is what it is: an AK. It will never be a tack driver. One simple thing I did and noticed to help with accuracy is putting a "heavy duty"rubber band around my rifle, right on the rear sight leaf. Ever watch an AK fire in slow motion? The rear sight bounces around like a meth head on a pogo stick. Do the math, that sight will NEVER 100% re-center itself from shot to shot. It's going to be off by just a hair. Even with this simple "fix" (or alternatively mounting an optic), it's an AK, not a sniper rifle. Expect fist sized groups at 100 yards at best. Tightening up tolerances in the rifle will help accuracy at the cost of reliability.

    WASR's are not bad AK's. Like other "better" AK's, you have good apples, and bad apples. If you know what to look for you can pick up a good one. The most encountered problem these have is canted front sights. This can be fixed pretty easily. They are built from Romanian military surplus AK's. They take the parts off of full auto military AK's and put them on a new semi-automatic only receiver with a smaller mag well to take single stack mags only a semi auto trigger group. Century Arms imports them, and opens the mag well to accept 30 round double stack mags. This now means they have to add 6 American made parts. U.S. made Trigger group (3 parts), piston, pistol grip, and muzzle device (Century installs a slant brake as found on military AKM's).

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