A very odd magazine problem

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  1. All,

    Well, with the upcoming match next week where I need to take on the rest of the 45 ACP world, I figured I would try to "game" the game and use two of the Glock 21 (full sized magazines) in my Glock 30 to make the magazine exchanges a bit quicker.

    In the process of some practice, I noticed a very strange phenomenon.

    One of the magazines was causing the short gun (G30) to literally shoot a foot low at 10 yards!!

    All of the normal magazines for the Glock 30 worked fine and the accuracy was fine.

    All of the magazines for the Glock 21 worked fine in that gun and was accurate like normal.

    When I put one specific Glock 21 magazine in the Glock 30, it caused the super low shots.

    Thinking it might be something I was doing, I dragged another shooter from the next bay and had him shoot three rounds from each magazine in the short (G30) gun. First five magazines, dead on. When he used the "suspect" magazine, he also shot about a foot low!!

    The solution for the whole thing is to just use the magazines that came with the guns and the problem is solved. The single magazine causing the problem is a different "generation" magazine and that may have something to do with it although all Glock magazines work in all of the appropriate guns.

    I'm planning on doing some technical research on this to see exactly which version magazine is causing the problem. Just one magazine is a single gun. Other than that, all is right with the world.

    Hmm, just did some checking and see that the magazine that is giving me the problem is a Gen3 magazine set up for both left and right hand mag release. Yep, when I look at it, that's the one!

    At least I have some idea WHY it may be happening.

    Life is good once again.

  2. That seems very odd that a magazine would cause that to happen. I cannot see how it would do that, as it is just a feeding device. Perhaps I've missed something but it does seem strange.

    I hope there is a reasonable explanation for it because it's got me baffled for sure.
  3. Baffled isn't the word for it. I can see no logic in why this would happen and be repeatable every time.

    It just doesn't make any sense, but at least I caught it BEFORE tonight's match. This would also explain some poor scores I had in the past using the "large" magazines with the short gun.

  4. diesel


    Could the spring in the "possessed" clip be putting enough pressure on the receiver to slow the action down enough to cause a light pin strike?
    I could see that effecting accuracy.:confused::flag:
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  5. That does make sense to me Diesel. I just wonder about that. Still does not make a whole lotta sense that a simple mag change should have that BAD of an effect on the gun, especially a Glock.

    I just wonder though.

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