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A sad day!

Just One Shot

January 17, 2012
Friday my favorite gun store closed it's doors for the last time. It was a small 3 man operation that started up 3 years and 1 month ago. The current market being what it is makes it extremly hard for the little guy to keep going.

I was there when they opened and have bought or traded a number of guns from them. They were the type to do what they could to make a customer a friend and they always made everyone feel welcomed even if you stopped by just to shoot the breeze.

During the past few months they were unable to get any firearms and very little ammo and accessories. I stopped in a couple weeks back to see if they could get a 3.5 lb. trigger bar for a G19, Josh stated he could order it from the whse. as they showed it in stock but the whse. was so far behind on filling orders it would take 2 weeks to get in.

I live in West central Ohio and prior to this I was informed of 5 Eastern Indiana stores shutting down. We still have a few places to purchase guns and ammo but none of them are able to provide the customer service I rcvd. there. So, if you have a favorite gun store and you have the funds available, be sure to drop in and make a purchase (provided they have anything) to help them keep going.

R.I.P. Artillery Shed! :(


nra instructor
January 10, 2012
A sad story for sure.

As the main income for a lot of the smaller stores was gun and ammo sales, the current shortages are just hurting them big time.

The Bass Pro shops and the like have an extra 100,000 square feet of sales space for everything else to carry them through these times, but the small, local guys are really getting beat up.

As an aside, there's just something "wrong" about the current shortages. Maybe not so much with the ammunition, which I can kind of understand, but the huge shortages of guns is very odd.

With every factory running full speed, where in the hell are all the guns going?

If the distributors are "out of stock", where did they all go?



December 11, 2012
TRULY, A sad day!

Sorry to hear of the loss, have been dealing with my LGS for years and it would be like loosing my best friend. Here's hoping they can regroup when a more normal business atmosphere returns. :)