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  1. When you are carrying do you carry 1 or 2 backup mags? I have been thinking about carrying additional mags but I always don't. I figure if I cannot take care of business with the 7 shots I have I am in bigger trouble then I want to be.

    Now some would argue the point and say they always carry extra mags. So do you or not and why?
  2. For myself it all depends on what I'm wearing that day.

    If I'm open carrying most of the day, then I don't carry any spare mags. Just doesn't look right and like you said, if I need more than 10 rounds, I'm probably in a much bigger crisis than I could imagine.

    However, if I'm wearing a decent cover garment that I won't be removing for the rest of the night/event, I have the choice of a single extra mag or a double.

    I've gotten used to wearing the double all night at the Monday IDPA shoots, so it doesn't feel 'out of place' now when I do wear it.

    With that said, the single mag pouch is a much cleaner setup and with dark pants, it's also discrete.

    95% of my carry time is without a spare mag. If I was going someplace where I thought I might actually NEED that spare mag, I probably wouldn't go in the first place!!

  3. Sigh


    I carry two magazines with the minimum that I'd carry being one. Firstly, because of the potential for malfunction and the magazine often being the quickest way to clear it IMHO. Secondly, I don't like the idea of having a sidearm devoid of ammunition after having to use it. I also carry an extra set of rounds to the revolver (if it's primary) for the aforementioned second reason. If I'm carrying the 1911 as primary and the revolver as backup, there is still a minimum of one spare magazine for the 1911 carried. Right now, my magazine carrier is a double so that's what is on my belt.

    The only thing I don't usually carry spare rounds for anymore is the BUG.
  4. BuckJM53


    Since there is always potential for a magazine malfunction, I usually carry one spare magazine for my 1911.
  5. neohiobiker


    I only carry one mag and it's in the pistol. The way I feel is my weapon is always hot and if the weapon jams it's the pistol not the mag. besides I'm not a cop so I usually hit what i'm aiming at the first shot. I can drop the mag in one hand clear the jam if it ever does (hasn't in twenty years) and reincert the mag.
    I'm a shoot and scoot kind of guy. just keep your pistol clean and polish your rounds.
  6. Why limit.

    This seems an odd question for this forum to me. :uhoh:
    I certainly wouldn't leave the garage with my car and only have enough gas in it to get me back home, what would happen if I had to make a detour I didn't count on.
    When I leave the house carrying, I don't expect to have to use my weapon to begin with let alone anything bigger. Being preparred for the unexpected is why most of us carry to begin with, so why would you think about limiting yourself in your ability to protect yourself or your loved ones.
    With my 1911 I carry 2 spare mags and with myXD40 I carry 1 spare mag. Hoping I never have to use any of them EVER. :flag:
  7. Re: Why limit.

    To add to my previous comments, I believe the main reason for ME to carry an extra magazine is because of a mag failure and not because I'll be needing another 10 rounds.

    I've seen too many "mag malfunctions" during our Monday night shoots and that just convinces me that any malfunction in a real shoot will probably be from the mag and not the gun.

  8. Re: Why limit.

    I say carry whatever your feel is enough and then carry some more. Whether another gun or mag and for sure a knife. Nobody ever in a gun fight ever said "I wish I wouldn't have brought so much ammo" my opinion which means little to nothing.
  9. diesel


    Re: Why limit.

    I carry a revolver(sometimes my 1911) and I carry two extra quick loaders in a leather belt pouch. One never knows when the shit will hit fan and I like to be prepared if it does.
    I would carry more if I could but they get very heavy after a while. Also i'm a fat guy and extra(more than 2)would probably pull my drawers down.:rofl: :flag:
  10. rjrivero


    Re: Why limit.

    One spare mag and a flash-light. Always. That's just me.
  11. rebel_son


    Re: Why limit.

    Like one member said, it partially depends on what I am wearing. Beyond that it also depends on what I am carrying and where I am going.

    Just normal EDC its usually 1 back up 8round mag with my 1911, but I do have a bodyguard .380 with an extra mag on me as well.

    If I am going to someplace where alot of people who shall we say might act barbaric will be I will often carry my glock at at least one extra mag but up to two.
  12. udbrky


    This brought some questions to my mind:

    1) How do we know bad things will only happen in "bad places?" Sure, we can stay out of dangerous areas to minimize the chance we'll run into a bad guy. However, criminals leave and go to good areas and break into homes/rob people.

    2) If you only carry the spare mag when you're going to a place where you might need it, one could ask why you're carrying a gun if you're not going to a place where you think you might need it.

    I want to be prepared for the worst possible scenario - engaging multiple targets, possible mag jam, and then hopefully never reach that point.

    Plus, how many bullets will it take to stop someone?
  13. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    Re: Why limit.

    For some reason many think if the need should arise to defend our self it is going to be one on one. While I know I can shoot I have no idea how well my abilities are going to be during an attack. I have no delusions that I am going to be the only one shooting. I also don't think there won't be more than one attacking me. I have no idea what I might have to jump behind and how well they are going to stand still so I can shoot them lol. I keep 17 +1 in my gun and an extra mag of 10 handy.

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