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A proper holster


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

Not to get to "preachy" here, but there has been an increase of "accidental" discharges in the news. The most tragic being the 2 year old who shot their mother with a gun from a purse in a shopping cart. A concealed gun in a purse. Good idea, bad execution. All kinds of things in a purse to attack the trigger during normal daily wear.

If you're going to carry a sidearm for any reason, carry it properly and that means in a holster that covers the trigger completely!!

Pocket carry is OK if the gun is in a holster designed for pocket carry. A loose gun in a pocket is an invitation to an AD.

Appendix carry without a holster (Mexican carry) is just outright stupid. Sticking a gun in your back pocket is equally nuts.

There was a story that went around late last year about a police chief who had an AD and shot himself in the leg at a gun store. Besides the obvious gaff at pulling his loaded sidearm in the store for no apparent reason, I believe the MAIN reason for his AD (caused by a drawstring) was that he had an INCORRECT holster for his Glock 23.

If you'll look at this screen capture from the news story, he is still wearing that holster. The trigger is NOT protected. Ergo, it's not a holster designed for a Glock!!

I do applaud the chief for coming clean and using himself as an example of how to not handle a live sidearm when wearing clothing that will interfer with his gun. The fact remains, or at least it appears that way, that his holster was not designed for the job.

Look at your daily carry holster. Does it "protect" the trigger on your sidearm?

This one doesn't:



Site Owner
October 7, 2011
I have always wanted a Serpa holster for some stupid reason but I have never been able to force myself to purchase one. I have Don Hume JIT holsters for ALL on pistols that I carry. They do protect the trigger and are small enough to conceal but still provide a quick draw if needed.