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  2. So shooting an abnormally long projectile from a 45 colt case in a chamber long enough for a 410 cartridge produced that, I guess the next natural progression of that type of ammo would be a 38sp with that type of projectile in a 357 chamber and a 44sp with that type of projectile in a 44m chamber and a 40 S&W with that type of projectile in a S&W 610 10mm revolver(or their 310 nightguard).
    Remember the 'outcry' over the Winchester Black Talon ammo.

    Time to find some 9mm(.3546") copper rod and use the hacksaw.
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    Hey Oldman.....did you see the other ammo I posted it is a hollowpoint connected by a Kevlar thread?

    I always thought of making a stainless steel core projectile. Or all copper like the Lehigh....higher velocity lighter than lead, can be cut and expand or frag, they are doing that now.
  4. Yes, I saw it.
    Made/fabbed stainless steel parts for the car, SS(300 series has a high chrome content and won't rust,400 series has a lower chrome content and will surface rust) is too difficult to work with. Dulls drills and sawblades.
  5. looked at the Lehigh site,they've already got others,380,9mm,40s&w.
  6. by social/civil standards, we shoot/defend to stop a threat, it's considered wrong to shoot to kill and using that judge ammo would certainly open a civil suit. even police aren't supposed to shoot to kill, but to stop a threat.
  7. went to the General Bullet website yesterday evening to order some solid copper bullets, figured I would be the 'guinea pig' to try some. Norton internet security stopped me from registering and ordering.
    called their 2 phone numbers today, a 440 area code and an 877. the 877 was leave a message, got a call back immediately. A R. Richmond, pres. of the company. they're currently in vegas at the shot show. He told me to call Friday when they're back.
    gonna order some 38cal 110gr,380 80gr,and 40/10 140gr.
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    I've got a buddy at SHOT Show...said there's roughly 20 miles of tables. To hit every table between Mon and Thurs, the estimation was 22 seconds per table!

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