A Major Fail Here ... Wow

Discussion in 'News, Headlines and Information' started by BuckJM53, April 10, 2016.

  1. BuckJM53


    Wow ... just wow. That was indeed one crazy scary moment for all concerned. A major failure for the range safety office :eek:

  2. daniellawecki


    Wow had to watch that one twice. that was close no one hurt or better yet no one was killed.
  3. BuckJM53


    It is indeed a miracle that the fellow down range was not injured or killed. I bet all three (including the safety officer) are still having nightmares over this one.
  4. Guys,

    As this particular video has been around for awhile, it points out a very real problem with SOME ranges in that they let people police their brass DOWNRANGE of the stage starting area. Perhaps this range doesn't allow that but you've always got some guy who just needs another hand full of 9mm brass.

    In pretty much every match or range I've been to, this is considered very bad form and something that is NOT to be done.

    Why was that guy downrange picking up brass??? Totally unacceptable during a live match!

    The only reasons to be "downrange" are to paste targets, reset steel and score the targets. Pick up the brass AFTER the match.

    AD (and the SO's probably needed to actually LOOK downrange when calling "Range Going Hot")

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