A lost L1A1

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by Jaydub 42, February 15, 2013.

  1. Jaydub 42

    Jaydub 42

    There is an Australian L1A1 with original coach wood furniture on it and the brass soldier number still on the butt on the loose.
    It is my own fault is it lost. Trust me, I'm ashamed. It happened last fall in Adams County, at the tranquility range. I believe someone took it because I had called the sheriff dpt. and an officer checked and it was not there after he made his way over there.
    I know chances are slim, but if anyone knows anything about it's whereabouts, I'd be forever grateful to know. It's got sentimental value.
  2. Photo available?

  3. Jaydub 42

    Jaydub 42

    unfortunately not.. I only had it for a very short time before what was surely a brain lesion that caused me to lose it.:dumb:
    It's very similar to google images results for "l1a1 Australian" only I see no images with the soldier id number still attached to the butt. It had the carrying handle, and was on a DSA receiver.

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