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  1. This was built during the slight downtime in my chaotic life.

    Of course I could not leave it stock. I've added a Battle Arms ambidextrous stainless steel saftey. KNS precision anti roll pins. Seekins billet aluminum mag release button. PSA lower with magpul furniture and PSA internals. Hardened Arms upper with stainless steel barrel. Nickel boron BCG and a Vortex red dot sight with cantilever mount.

    I have a Rainier Arms Raptor changing handle to add in yet to the build. Oh yeah I almost forgot it is .300 aac blackout.

    Thinking about changing the furniture to the stealth grey from magpul. Not sure yet on that.


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  2. MikeH121


    P-P-P-P-P-Pretty. Costs you more to shoot lots of downrange intermediate baby armor piercing anti-matter eco-destructo liberal despised projectiles.

    A lot changes when things are available. So much easier to get parts.
  3. daniellawecki


    Looking good someday after I grow out of my handgun addiction. I'll try a custom build now go out and shoot it.
  4. Yeah it was lot's of fun building it, so much that I want to build another. DAMN IT ALL!

    I am still modifying this one as well. I got a Northtech Defense Ti Fang Titanium forward assist to add to it now as well. I am just afraid to remove that roll pin from a factory built upper. :(
  5. what's the 300 AAC Blackout brass situation;new,once-fired,costs ?
  6. daniellawecki


    Brass is available at a decent price and you can make it out of .223 brass.
  7. Yep I am setup with the saw and dies right now to convert .223 to .300 AAC. Just have to get another stockpile of .223 brass now. LOL

    Not to mention getting the bullets and powder. That's hard to do right now.
  8. which bullets ? which powders ?
  9. I am looking for 147gr .308 for the blackout rifle and I will have to check my load tables and see what they say. Just finding ANY powder at a reasonable cost around here has been sketchy at best.

    Hornady only lists the 150gr FMJBT data and Accurate 1680 has the largest volume but the widest load range. It's really quite odd given my history with other rifle loads I've seen.
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  10. looks like,according to Hodgdon data,that it's a fast-burning rifle powder user. For the IMR series IMR4227(normally associated as a magnum handgun powder) starts for use with 110gr projectiles up to 180gr where IMR4198 & IMR4227 are both useable. Surprised me that such fast powders are appropriate. That's just a step above the powders for 30Carbine and a step down from30-30Win.
  11. With 300 blackouts using both subsonic and supersonic rounds would the fast burning powder apply for both applications?
  12. according to Hodgdon data for IMRs',NO. for subsonic they show IMR Trail Boss and they only show subsonic for 110-115gr. Now this is only data for the IMR line and there are many other fine powders useable.
  13. Is there a difference between RP brass vs LC brass,what's preferred ?
  14. 1fowlhunter


    The RP is Remington/Peterson, the LC is Lake City. The Lake City it's more desirable in my opinion. They also make a lot of the military ammunition.
  15. I'm aware of the above,I've been reloading since the 70s'.
    I'll put the question in a different way. As with 223/5.56 brass,Mil LC 5.56 brass is 'thicker' and operates at a higher pressure as it has a slightly less capacity compared to commercial brass such as RP & Win. Is the same true with the 300AAC Blackout brass.
  16. Very nice. Now all you need are some zombies to practice on...
  17. That's a sharp lookin rifle you got there bro!
  18. Anyone here built an AR by starting with an 80% complete lower ?
  19. I had thought about doing and 80% build to keep one off the grid so to speak. I am just worried about the outlay and screwing something up. My machining skill set is not real good.

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  20. I've been looking at 80%ers for a special project.

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