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A little knowledge for all semi-auto (and revolver) owners.

August 23, 2013
Does my gun have a clip or a magazine? I have seen so many people call a magazine a clip I thought I would create a thread about it. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has a nice write on them, but my favorite is of course Hickok45 which made this nice little vidieo on the differences for them. Hope this helps the shooters out there that are not sure the difference between the two.

Magazine vs Clip - YouTube

As I was playing around in Hickok45's youtube site I ran across this video as well, How NOT to shoot a semi-auto pistol. Something similar happened to a friend of mine back in 1979 when I bought my first semi-auto (a .25 Titan F.I.E. for $49.95 at the local department store) when we took it out the first time, but he only got a good cut from it. For the beginners this will save you some skin/pain and for the experienced it should be a little amusing to see what happened to the hotdog.

How NOT to shoot a semi-automatic Pistol - YouTube

I figure while I was at it my as well do the revolver one too.

How Not To Shoot a Revolver ( Chapter 2 ) - YouTube