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A hero to Salute


September 5, 2012
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The photographer who took this compelling shot noted that Layka’s playful, bouncy energy made it nearly impossible for him to get a shot with her mouth closed! He ended up having to stop using the tennis ball he was using to get her attention, because it made her too excited and smiley. Based on the photos below, I think she’d have quite a sense of humor about the “where’s the tennis ball?†game!

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Of course, the photographer did end up connecting with a fundamental aspect of Layka’s nature in the cover photo; her serious, soldier side. But that’s not all the animal is. Does the dog in the unused shots still resemble an “old man?†Is the dog in the unused shots male or female? Is it still a hero with its tongue out? Is it still admirable without a “face like stone?â€

She has Purple Heart, Ranger Tab and CIB on her collar. Hero Dog for sure.


I hear I noise, I bring yourz gun.

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If our enemies only knew we is training dogs to use bladed weapons.

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I so need this for my dogs.

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Hey Miss can I pet your....dog?

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