SOLD 9mm rounds (from freedom munitions)

Discussion in 'Ammunition and Reloading Supplies' started by udbrky, December 1, 2012.

  1. udbrky


    $90 for:

    - 1 box of 50 Blazer Brass 115gr 9mm FMJ rounds
    - 7 boxes of 50 Freedom Munitions 115gr 9mm FMJ remanufactured rounds
    - 1/2 box (at least 25) FM 115gr 9mm FMJ blemish rounds (had visible marks, but shoot fine)

    - 93 rounds Freedom Munitions 115gr 9mm JHP rounds

    So 400+ FMJ, and almost 100 JHP rounds total.

    Freedom Munitions is one of the leading online sellers of ammo. I've shot at least 500 rounds, including test fires of all of the 9mm listed for sale here, and never had an issue. You can read reviews online as well, ammo is great, it goes bang, but is a lot cheaper than stores.

    I'm in Columbus and would really prefer not dealing with the hassle of shipping.

    Also, I'm open to trades involving .40cal or .223/5.56
  2. That's a pretty good price for 9mm if you're in the market.

    I've purchased and shot Freedom Munitions 9mm/115g as a large scale test and it worked and shot just fine. In fact I still have probably 150 remaining that are getting shot up in the next two weeks of IDPA.

    Too bad I'm not on my annual bike trip as we head up I-71 from Louisville about half the time and I could stop in!!

    AD (just adding my 2 cents about Freedom Munitions ammo)
  3. udbrky


    Completely agree about the FM rounds - they're pretty solid rounds. I only am selling them because I sold my 9.

    I just sold them. I'm not sure how to edit this.
  4. Glad you were able to sell them. Just wish it was a member here. :(

    Anytime you sell an item just go to "Thread Tools" at the top and click "Mark item as sold". That will change the header to [SOLD]

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