9mm Ammo Analysis - Federal v. Winchester v. TulAmmo

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  1. BuckJM53


    For about the past 10 years I have primarily used Federal Champion and Winchester White Box as my standard 9mm range ammunition. While I have used many other offerings from time to time, these have been my go to ammo primarily due to availability, price and reasonable performance.

    Recently I've seen a significant amount of the TulAmmo "BrassMaxx" on the Walmart shelves and thought that I would see how it performed given that the price point was a few dollars less per hundred. After shooting 400 rounds of the BrassMaxx over the past month with reasonable accuracy and no failures, I thought that it might be fun to take a closer look at how it stacks up to my two favorites. While the following test is not perfect given that .......

    1. I only compared 20 randomly selected rounds from each manufacturer.
    2. I don't have access to a Ransom rest.
    3. I detest shooting pistols off of a stationary rest or bags.
    4. I don't own a chronograph.
    4. I rarely shoot pistols beyond 15 yards.

    ...... I still hope you also find the results interesting (I enjoyed doing it :)).


    My first step was to look up the SAAMI (voluntary) specifications for 9mm Luger ammo. The following chart shows how the test samples compare to SAAMI specs and to each other:



    While all 60 rounds fell within SAAMI specs for length, I was most surprised to find that the average diameters for all three manufacturers were below mimimum SAAMI specs, and that none of the WWB rounds measured met the minimum spec. Federal came in with 6 of 20 meeting minimum spec and the TulAmmo had 1 of 20 meeting the minimum.

    While my conclusion may be wrong here, it seems logical to me that the manufacturers are intentionally living at the lower end of the specs (and below) to greatly reduce the potential for feeding issues. Not being an ammo expert, my only concern here would be any potential issues resulting from the combination of undersized ammo in a pistol that has a chamber bordering on the high end of the tolerance scale.


    While I'm fairly certain that some reading this will dismiss the following accuracy comparison because it was not conducted from a Ransom rest or off of a bags at 25 yards, I've been shooting at these .75" dots from 7 to 10 yards every week during my "aim small/miss small" exercises now for 4+ years. During that time I have consistently produced similar groups for the Federal Champion and Winchester White Box so I was not surprised in the least by the results for Federal & WWB (Federal has always been a little better in my experience). I was however surprised that the BrassMaxx performed well and finished ahead of (if not by much) the WWB :eek:.


    The bottom line here for me is that this was a fun exercise and I will probably do this test on some of the other 9mm that I have in stock as it now has me curious (especially concerning the diameter specs). It also make me glad that the majority of 9mm sitting on my shelf is Federal Champion ;)
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  2. daniellawecki


    First off nice shooting your aim small miss small is good practice. All thought no ransom rest was use in your shooting still good in my book. I'm a group shooter as well nice post keep them coming.
  3. BuckJM53


    I've never been one to shoot pistols off of a rest unless I am sighting it in. Even then, these days I prefer to use a laser cartridge for sighting my pistols. That said, for me shooting free hand (or off hand if you prefer) is a much more satisfying process.

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