50 at 50 in 50

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  1. Yep, that's what it's called.

    50 steel targets.
    50 yards away.
    50 seconds to shoot as many as you can.

    No, I didn't play in the match. It was $150 to enter and took two days. This was just one of the stages.

    Something like 350+ round count minimum for the entire match.

    Anyway, the next time you've got 50 steel targets hanging around, see how many you can down!

    I'll check with the match director on Monday and see what the "winning total" was.


  2. what kind of power level/energy/caliber is required or are they easy to tip ? Granted the higher you hit on them,the easier to knock over because of leverage.
  3. Cutlass327


    50 yards I'm guessing rifle. What mag size allowed?
  4. 50 yards I'm assuming is handgun by looking at those targets which appear to be 2-3 ft. high.
    Back when I was a member of TRW rod & gun/Crooked Creek gun club, there was informal timed shooting at paper plates 20-30 yards. Once one becomes familiar/proficient with their handgun,paper plates at that distance were easy hits. I'm not talking plate center/bullseye,but anywhere on the plate. It was informal/un-official and enjoyable.
  5. First off, that photo was not taken at 50 yards. It was much closer.

    As this was a PISTOL match (USPSA) it was pistols at 50 yards, your choice of caliber.

    The minimum power to take out a steel target is something like 105 or 115 on the power factor.

    I'll find out what the winning count was on Monday.


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