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5 reaons legal gun owners get arrested


December 29, 2013
"They do not know the laws and carry where they cannot..."

And then they brag about it on gun forums, Facebook, etc., how they carry no matter what...

Think about that, folks.


GOA Member
January 26, 2012
Your right, Cutlass.
There is also number 6.
The absolute worst bad guys, lying son of a bitches are the police themselves.
I'll never trust an eff'n cop for rest of my life!:cuss:


December 11, 2012
I've always assumed that as a law abiding citizen with a CHL it is my responsibility to know what I can do, where I can do it and at what point that line has been crossed for me to use deadly force. That being said police will use what you say against you, SO shut up and ask for an attorney if you are arrested, DO NOT say anything until you know if you are being detained as impromptu utterances can be used against you in a court of law (those statements blurted out by a possible suspect before being read their rights). The police are not at a crime scene to protect you they are there to lock up the perpetrator, which in their eyes could be anyone and everyone present when they arrive.


February 19, 2015
Yep, that about covers it. If you CCW do just that, conceal it, don't brag or show n' tell and research the laws in your locality and make sure you abide by them. Right, wrong or indifferent, the law will probably not work in your favor until you end up in front of a jury.

I have had a friend who was an attorney, arrested for CCW even though he was legal, the cops overreacted since CCW was still new to everyone at the time and he ended up spending a few hours screaming for an attorney.

I have been pulled over for traffic stops and each time I informed the LEO I was CCW, where my firearm was located and both hands on the wheel until they instructed me how to proceed. Three times I was told to present my driver's license, proof of insurance and registration - not one word about my firearm . . . and three times I got a ticket!

Twice I brandished my firearm to a couple of ghetto rats and in both cases, I was disappointed that they didn't want to hang around and discuss the finer aspects of CCW - what a shame. :)