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Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by diesel, July 3, 2013.

  1. diesel


    :flag:Hello everyone, been a little while since ive posted. Something that has been on my mind all day;

    Tomorrow is, with out a doubt, our most important holiday as a nation. For the many true and loyal Americans that still exist, happy 4th of July! This I wish to the patriots in every country corner and in all the cities everywhere in America, aswell as you all on this site.:flag:

    While we're enjoying the cookout and beer tomorrow, let us not forget what we're truly celebrating, our break-away from tyrannical rule and forming of the best nation the world has ever known! I know what your thinking,.........its not quite what it used to be, is it? No it is not, but it is still our country, if we can stop the impending tyrannical rule from taking root again.

    Again, happy 4th to all of you and God bless you.:flag:
  2. MikeH121


    Shoot a few rds, blow something up. Go out in nature's grocery, shoot something furry and drag it home.

    The Patiot pool is clouded with too much libtard poo. We need to drain the water and start fresh. We could send them all to a nice quiet Muslim country and let them try to "all get along" :rofl:

    Somehow I don't see a future in their living out their days, more like hiding in fear until they are dragged out into the streets. Instead of being scared of the words, gun, "assault weapon" 30 round magazine/clip :lol: they could actually feel fear that is real. Like there actually is someone who wants to cut off your head.

    We the citizens just want to cut off their funds, (our wasted overtaxed money) and cut them off from power over us.
  3. As long as were on the 4th of July thing, here's a guy from our Monday night group who is really into it!

    He's also from Texas, which explains a lot of things when he's around.



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