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  1. diesel


    WOW! Without going to the internet to order, i've got $125 in 250 rounds of .45Colt. :shocker: I thought the rifles were expensive to shoot?
    Looks like i better hurry up and get my reloader set up.
    Also looks like i better get some schooling on reloading.:flag:
  2. Reloading is not that difficult. Just pay CLOSE attention to what your doing at all times.

    I wont lie to you your starting out with a relatively good round to reload. You do not have to worry about gas operations or cycling the next round in to battery on a revolver so you can use a light load to start with. The worst part will be getting the powder just right and last but not least the roll crimp.

    Getting a good roll crimp on those is essential and to this day I still refer to some factory rounds for a reminder at times and I've been reloading over 20 years.

    Like I said go slow and pay attention to details is the key to the process in my humble opinion.

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