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#4, almost done


March 24, 2013
Looking good it's moving along are you enjoying your second or it a third hobby. Are you going to make something along a skinning knife say with a 4''- 5'' blade? And have you thought about Damascus steel down the road ? Your skills are starting to come together so try different materials.:thumbs:


GOA Member
January 26, 2012
Thanks, Dan. 3rd hobby behind #1 hunting, and #2 shooting and anything "guns."
Yes i'll be making a skinning knife and I've been researching "Damascus" steels as they are the most beautiful blades. One can buy Damascus steel from $25.00 to $250.00 for the same amount. Most of it (Indian and Japanese) are not true Damascus and are quite cheap but unable to hold an edge. Actually, the early folded steels from ancient times that were called "Damascus" were made in India. They were called Damascus because that's where most of them ended up to be sold and used.

I have a very small forge right now, not conducive to making Damascus, but I am going to build a larger one.

Check out some true, high quality, Damascus blades at "Two Finger Knives" they're made in the U.S.:flag:

Some examples from "Two Finger."

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