38/357 round nose bullets

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by forrest r, November 14, 2011.

  1. forrest r

    forrest r

    Out of curiosity why aren’t you guys shooting/using round nosed bullets in your 38/357’s for your rifles & pistols? I’ve shot the Lyman 358311 for years with excellent results. Those bullets are highly accurate & will knock the snot out of anything that gets in their way.
  2. Well, using the Rossi 92 it has a tubular magazine. I would much prefer to use round nose bullets and might still get that mold for my revolvers.
  3. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    I get equally accurate results from this same RN mould as I do with my SWCs and RNFs, but prefer the latter for quicker and more humane kills on paper targets and cleaner, crisper scoring holes on game.

    Or maybe that's the other way around.:eek:

    Even in the .22 LR, I see significant differences in the effect RNs have versus RFNs on small game. Federal bulk uses a dimple they call a "hollow point," which I have never personally witnessed opening up on anything, so it pokes a little hole in vermin and small game. Trim the ends flat, and they still don't expand, but the terminal effect is noticably improved.
  4. forrest r

    forrest r

    I like a lee 6 cavity rnfp mold myself & shoot a ton of them.I've just found that with the lyman 358311 it's easier to find accurate loads with them. I use universal clays & 4.2g for a standard 38 load, 4.7g of the same powder for a 38p+ load & a 6.4g (1/10g over & the same load I use in my 45acp 200g bullets) load of universal for 357's with the 358311 bullet. All 3 of those loads will print groups the size of a quarter @50ft. I've never been able to find a 38 load for the lee rnfp bullet & be able to step up the powder to a p+ load & maintain accuracy.

    We'll have to do a new thread on modifying 22's for accuracy & shear thumping power.

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