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  1. what primer do you all use? Magnum or standard primers?
  2. forrest r

    forrest r

    Well that depends on the powder you plan on using. Faster powders don’t need mag primers & some powders just seem to do better with mag primers like HS-6. The HS-6 even does better with mag primers in 38’s.

    I just use mag primers in all my 357 loads, it makes it easier.

    The 357 is extremely versatile because it can be loaded with powders that go from mild to wild. I used to use mag powders & hot loads but I just use light loads anymore. The smaller loads from fast burning powders make a pound of powder go a lot further.
  3. The reason I was asking is because Hornady 8th Edition does not specify the primer type. Speer 13th Edition shows data only without magnum primers for the LSWC and powder they tested. Using mag primers even with say W231 or Unique is safe? Speer I assume used CCI 500 primers..
  4. Several years ago I did an extensive test of magnum versus std. primers. I tested both handguns and rifles. These included 22 Hornet 223 Rem 357 and 38. I used a Chrony for velocity and a Ransom Rest to measure accuracy in the handguns. Each test consisted of at least 50 shots. I found there to be no difference in velocity(no difference in pressure) when using fast powder( red dot unique blue dot) . A slight increase in velocity if using a slow powder ( higher pressure). Less than five percent. There was no difference in accuracy between the magnum and std. in any caliber or powder used. None nada.

    Several years ago I was shooting my 357 Contender using a large load of a slow powder and a std. primer. The temperature was about 10 degrees above zero. The powder did not burn and the bullets were sticking in the barrel. I should have been using a magnum primer. So now I use only magnum primers in all my guns. Accuracy is not going to suffer and it will be the right primer on those rare occasions when it is needed. Not keeping track of two primers simplify things. A word of caution when changing from std. to magnum start low and work up like the manuals say.
  5. Thank you for the information and welcome to the forum. Glad to hear about the primer differences as I am working on some loads in .357 using 158gr LSWC. My next question, for another opinion, I have 10 rounds loaded hot probably, with 5 grains of w231 in .38 cases. Would you consider them safe or not.
  6. forrest r

    forrest r

    Welcome to the forum Glenwood, I’m a contender fan also. The extremes in weather of NE Ohio can be challenging. I try to use them to my advantage & dial firearms in during the winter months. The cold brings out the worst in them.

    You’re right up there with 5gr of ww231, reloading data changes all the time. Here’s a page out of an old Lyman cast book (3rd edition). There just isn’t a lot of data out there with cast bullets. Just be careful, 231/hp38 bridges in some powder throws & bad things can & will happen.
  7. Well it sounds like I might be pulling those rounds for safety sake even though I weighed each charge on a digital scale and hand loaded each round. :(
  8. forrest r

    forrest r

    You should be alright with those bullets/load. You'll be shooting them in a 357 & actually might turn out to be a good solid accurate load.
  9. After a second look at the data you posted I think I will give it a go. You're correct they will be shot in a large frame .357. =) Hopefully I can get to the range soon and try them out. Perhaps this weekend I will head into, dare I say that dirty word, Clelands.
  10. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    Drive a bit south......................... http://www.sportsmenstop.com/


    Dan is a good guy. He treats people respectfully and doesn't act like a know-it-all or try to BS you when you walk in the store. He's got a lot of stuff in that little shop and he has worked hard to make it what it is and is proud of what he has done with the place.

    Drive a bit farther South................... http://www.johnsonshaf.com/

    Gregg is a very personable guy too. He treats you like a neighbor and is genuine in his demeanor. Hard not to like a guy like that. I picked my CZ 452 here and Gregg and the fella who was helping that day both seemed excited about what was in the box.

    I may pass another place or two on the way (or out of the way) to either of these shops, but it is worth it. Dan and Gregg make it a point to holler at you if you have to head out the door while they are talking to someone else.

    These two shops might be good places for a fella to drop off a few busness cards with OGO site information on them.

    I should add that I don't know either of these guys all that well and neither may even remember my name, but the fact that they treat me well in spite of me not being a big spender or frequent visitor says a lot about their character.

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