.223 In Stock and AR Mags

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  1. I found a place with .223 for $255.00 500rds. There is a 3 week delay but they do have it, so that is a plus. I have read a few reviews and it seems like good stuff. Better than the Russian steel case crap anyhow. Here ya go if interested. BlackGun Industries

    Also, if you're looking for ar mags, they have them in stock here.
    M16/AR15 Steel 30 rd 5.56x45mm Magazine - White Follower
    Again there is a 3 week wait but they are in stock and made by Israelis, that can't be all bad.
  2. Thanks, now if someone could track down some primers.
  3. Get away from home.

    Have you thought about getting outside you comfort zone and hitting gun shops in rural Ohio for a change. :banghead:
    Just 4 days ago I picked up 1000 rds of M193 by Federal for $380 +tax and this was new manufacturer, this was from my regular haunt and pretty well knew what I would find. I live in Tuscarawas County and have seen shops that aren't being overrun by the public. Do a little research and get a buddy take a road trip, find the little shops and you just never know what you might find. No I don't operate a gun shop. :) Good luck and have fun. :flag:
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    Re: Get away from home.

    brownells has a 10 pack of generic metal mags 30 rnd ar15 for like $95 with $5 shipping fellow patriots.

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