.22 upper for AR15

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  1. Has anyone here have a dedicated .22 upper for their AR? I'm looking at Spikes Tactical or Tactical Solutions but have no experience with either.
  2. PrepperTraining


    My two main ARs are from DPMS. I built them, and did purchase a (DPMS) .22LR upper for them. I like it a lot - works like a champ! Not familiar with Spikes Tactical or Tactical Solutions. I switch back and forth as needed. That's the nice thing about the modularity of the AR platform.
  3. How much are the .22 uppers you're looking at Chris??
  4. rjrivero


    Before the AR style .22's came out, I built my daughter a .22 AR with a Tactical Solutions Upper and the Lothar barrel. That thing pretty accurate for a semi auto .22. I have an old(er) SPIKES .22 Drop in bolt for my .223 and it's not anywhere near as accurate. Both use the Black Dog Magazines. The CMMG kit is the big seller these days, but the Tactical Solutions upper is a NICE piece of hardware. Pricey, but nice.
  5. 5-700$ is what I've seen online
  6. WOW, guess I have been out of the market for awhile. I did not realize they were that expensive.
  7. I think it's a bit much but if I find a deal.:thumbs:
  8. Yeah keep us posted if yo come across a deal or something.

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