FOR SALE 20mm CANNON brass $5 each + Ship. ** Size DOES Matter**

May 21, 2018
20mm Vulcan cannon brass. unprocessed. uncleaned.
$5 a piece + usps flat rate ($7)

$12 for 1 delivered
$17 for 2 delivered
$23 for 3 delivered.
IE add 5$ for each additional piece

to be clear, the price above is for brass only. i do have some of the 20mm brass tumbled with projectiles but those were damn near unobtanium to get my hands on. would let those go for $27 each delivered. add 20$ for each additional 20mm brass+projo as flat rate freight i can ship a boatload of these for the same price.

*****Just found a few of the Solid tungsten Sabbot rounds, see below*** $37 delivered
pm or email me if interested

20mm Tungsten sabot. sure to mess up anyone's day if on the receiving end.

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