.204 Ruger AR upper build

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  1. So I've had it in my head for a while that I was going to assemble some uppers for my AR for different purposes, or maybe even buy some additional designated lowers. I've been mulling over different calibers I'd like to put to use for a while. Initially I was hell bent on .300 Blackout, but this past weekend I've changed my mind. I'm gonna do it in .204 Ruger with a fluted 24" heavy barrel and free float handguard. The 40 grain .204 Ruger round has almost half the bullet drop of a 55 grain .223 from ranges of 100 to 500 yards, and hits with a few hundred pounds more force at those ranges. It is an excellent round for the distances I shoot ground hogs at.

    This past Saturday my grandpa and I went to take some of these varmints out at some of the local farms (farmers love us). My first time shooting this round and I was looking at it's similarity in size to the .223 and thinking it was going to perform similarly. The wind was a constant gentle breeze blowing from my front left, and the distance from me to the ground hog was 330 yards. While I was thinking out loud about how to take the shot my grandpa said to adjust the elevation 2 clicks to shoot higher and don't even consider the wind. I took his advice and put the cross hairs right on him and squeezed the trigger. 1 shot, 1 dead crop killer. The round found its' mark with ease! It was almost like cheating! Immediately, I wanted it. However, it is a bolt action rifle in true "fudd" (sporting) form. I wanna spice it up ant put it in an AR. Fortunately, my uncle Brian has already built 4 AR's in .204. The case is similar enough to .223 (almost identical diameter) that a .223/ 5.56 bolt will work flawlessly. The only real change will be the barrel, and it only feeds with 100% reliability using Lancer magazines. Magpul mags fit the round too tightly and will not feed half the time. Some have had success with GI mags, but my uncle reports the only mags he's had work every time with this round are Lancer mags. This will be a fun one!
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    Sounds last a blast, Thrash, fun shoot'n and helping the farmers to boot.:flag:

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