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20,000 with style


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

Well, this isn't 100% off topic as I was coming back from the range when I took this photo.

My new bike (March-2014) now has 20,000 miles on it and I figured I'd take the required photo and make it worthwhile.

Although the TP indicators are way off, the speedometer is not.

AD (40psi on those tires, not what it says)



September 5, 2012
Well guns can be dangerous things. But 100 MPH on a bike while taking a picture is a bit more dangerous.

Speed kills old men. :lol: "Rock out with your Glock out" does not mean "One handed 100 mph photo taking" :rofl:

Got my first bike at 10 a Yamaha 65 enduro, living in Margate, FL. From then on it was bikes and horses.

Bought a Ducati Mike Hailwood 900 While in Germany in the Army. That was fast. But then again I got to travel the AutoBahn.

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Owned 5 since. Latest is a 1986 Kaw Eliminator ZL900. Havent ridden in 5 years. No time. And the ex killed the thrill.

Need to rebuild her. 12,500 original miles. But she has been sitting in the garage. Got an extra drive pumpkin, driveshaft, handle bars, fender. Got a new clutch and brake cable still in the package. The driveshaft I got for 5 bucks off Ebay. The drive was 24.00 plus 40 shipping off Ebay. I jetted the carbs. Installed individual air filters on the 4 carbs.

The great thing about older bike is Ebay and we have a local Bike graveyard 5 miles from home.