1st attempt at a member map...

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  1. I have made an attempt at a member map for the forum, that is until I can find a better alternative.

    Click the Member Map button at the top and then goto additions, goto "Add Marker - Detailed" to add your user name and location. Doing so using that method will eliminate a lot of over lapping markers.

    Hopefully this will work. Please let me know of any issues so I can take the map offline if need be.

    Thank you,

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  2. Good idea. I'm on the map.

  3. daniellawecki


    done on map just was thinking spring
  4. Done.

    This is what I PM'd you about a few months ago to see if you can do it.
  5. Yes it is and it has been a long road trying to find something that semi-works. Hopefully this will in the interim.
  6. Not semi-works/interim,but permanent. It's exactly the format I've participated in for car events,but was beyond my computer ability to accomplish. WELL DONE !!!
  7. PrepperTraining


    Done! Looks like I'm the southernmost member, so far.
  8. Out of curiousity,I triangulated.
    1st 4 points established puts center at Elyria.
    5th point added puts center at Wellington.
  9. diesel


    EXCELLENT job, little brother! (as always) :flag:
  10. If the ADulay point was added,center would be at the North Carolina/South Carolina state line. LOL
  11. Very cool.

    AND it actually works!!

  12. MikeH121


    Is it just me being Paranoid or does this seem like a bad idea?

    The antis troll 2A, pro-gun websites. Like Moms demand action and Mayors against.....

    Just a thought, the general area seems okay but too many details and you may end up in a paper's gun owners map.
  13. No,not being paranoid. The map is a good feature for us,maybe it can be for 'members only' and not available to view by 'guests'. To take that even a step further,viewable by members when they reach a certain number of posts. An example of this is a lot of the car forums I'm on,you can't put a part for sale in the classified forum until you have 50 posts.
  14. Actually,got me thinking(don't know if that's a bad thing or good thing),your paranoia concerns could have been happening since the inception of this website. Lot of individuals have become members but have no posts,did they become a member just to be able to 'watch'/keep tabs on us ?
  15. I did make the map link a members only link so you have to be a registered user of the board to see the link. I meant to do that at the onset but I missed a couple of mouse clicks in doing so. That has been corrected.
  16. daniellawecki


    Why be paranoid we are doing nothing wrong and none of us are even putting are marker on the spot. Just in a nearby town or a general area of a city. If you get gun magazine or are a member of the NRA someone knows about you CCW you name it.
  17. Very good points Daniel. :clap:
  18. Ever bought ammo at Wal-Mart on a credit card?

    Ever bought ammo anywhere on a credit card?

    Gun purchase? Shooting supplies.

    Open carry stop? Police stop while CCW?

    Ever post on a "gun friendly" forum? (Well, duh!)

    Sign up for free emails or a contest from some gun site?

    NRA member? Shooting club member?

    You're on a map somewhere for sure.

    Rest assured that if the ball drops and "they" decide to start confiscating stuff, ALL of us are already targeted, sooner or later.

    So, with that said, relax, keep vigilant and enjoy the map making!!

    AD (my 2 cents worth, of course)
  19. daniellawecki


    That was my point but I used the short end. Did people forget WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS.
  20. MikeH121


    Yes they have. And more to the point there are those who want to make it that way no matter what. The Paper in New York that printed a map. Others who want all CCW holders mapped out in Ohio, let alone other states.

    On this the Gov is not my worry it is the anti groups with Nanny Bloombergs money. Our current gov will not defend our rights but theirs. In the effort of "keeping people safe"

    Moms against, already put out a school shooting report that used data such as a 37 yr old getting shot in a school parking lot at zero dark thirty. They lie to get what they want, FEAR. They claim POTG intimidate them yet they are the intimidators.

    I do not fear the military, but then more and more PD's around the country are ramping up. A guy in CA just had his guns confiscated for a 70's pot charge. The Statute itself is NOT even on the books anymore.

    NJ already passed a law that says whenever a "Smart Gun" has been sold in the US and the sale verified that all guns sold in NJ must also have smart tech. They released a statement saying they are looking into the sale.

    They will come at us every chance they get. At The Truth About Guns they already troll and use the attacks against the Moms against in their posts. They want us to be seen as crazed wide eyed devils.

    Just saying.

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