1911 Enfield British 303

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  1. So I just dug up my 1911 Enfield 303 and shined a bore light up the barrel only to see tons of gunk. I ran bore brushes and patches through it and they came out completely black and then brown. I cannot tell if the barrel is pitted because of corrosive ammo or just years of build up. Any ideas or products of what is best to clean it out?? I know the wood is rough but I don't wanna damage it anymore then it is.
  2. forrest r

    forrest r

    Just elbo grease & hoppe's, run a wet patch down the bore & let the hoppe's soak for awhile ( 15 to 20 minutes). Then just run dry patches until you get most of the junk out of the bbl. Then a brush will be more effective in actually cleaning the bbl rather than just pushing the junk around.

    I'm actually getting the products together to make some Ed's red. I've read nothing but good things about it & figured it's cheap enough to try.
  3. Thank you forrest. I will try and let is soak a while as I think I a little Hoppes no. 9 Left. I'll tell ya' that thing is cruddy dirty. I am afraid to fire it until I can see the rifling a little clearer. I am sure it was used quite a bite.

    I've heard of Ed's Red but not seen the formula. I will have to check it out and post it here.
  4. forrest r

    forrest r

    Ed’s Red:

    Equal parts of odorless mineral spirits, acetone, K-1 kerosene & Dextron II or III tranny fluid.

    I’m going to use 1 quart of everything except the acetone. The acetone is hard on a lot of finishes on the different stocks so I only going to use ½ cup of it. In the end it should cost around $10 a gallon to make that should last me for years.

    Be careful with letting hope’s sit in any bbl for any length of time. It has water based ammonia in it that will get mid-evil on the steal of your bbl. Just take your time, it will come clean. It seems we both suffer from the same disease “We have more time than money”.

    Could you take a couple pics of the dirty patches that are coming out of the bbl? I bought an old 03-a3 that was like that one time. The bbl actually cleaned up pretty good & it turned out to be a shooter.
  5. Glad you posted that formula. I just might have to try and mix up a batch of that. I already have the acetone, just need the other items.

    Thank you for the warning about Hoppes. I was not aware of the ammonia in it and the dangers to barrel steel. Yes we do share the monetary disease, I am still hopeful about getting the job at the new Toledo casino. I am tired of being out of work.

    Here is a picture of the patches I could find in the trash, there are plenty more of them but these represent the best. I do hope that I can get the barrel clean and fire this piece of history but I am nervous the barrel is badly pitted.


    Some of the yellow on the far right patch is from good ole' CLP. The other two are after a bore brush was run through to loosen up the crude.
  6. forrest r

    forrest r

    That dark brown reminds me of old cosmoline, try some dawn dishwashing liquid on a brush & run that thru the bbl a couple of times & let it sit. Or if you have anything else that will break down grease, give it a try.

    Here's a pic of a MAS 22lr training rifle, a MAS 45 (built by Mauser) that is new & still has the cosmoline on it. This is light colored cosmoline compared to some of the other rifles that I bought that had it on them. The last Garand that I bought from the CMP had black cosmoline on it & the patches looked like yours.
  7. I would have never thought of Dawn for use on it, good thought. I cannot see real well as it is but I hope that it what I am seeing. It still look pitted to me though, I am sure they used corrosive ammo back then.

    That is a nice looking piece. When did you get that little beauty? I see alcohol in the picture, I assume that removes the cosmoline?
  8. forrest r

    forrest r

    I picked that up at the ohio gun collectors show when they had it at the IX center in Cleveland. You could buy them new in cosmoline back in the late 80's. Finding them now in that condition is extremely had.

    Yes, that's alcohol in the pic & it will remove cosmoline, but it's not the cheapest choice to use. I was just cleaning a spot off (the loge) to get a good look at the parkerization on the rifle.

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